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Ritzy Blue Spa By Whitening Bright Studio is a private teeth whitening studio that follows a strict appointment only schedule, due to our list of professional and private clients. We provide the safest, fastest and most effective teeth whitening system available! We specialize in bringing the BRIGHT (ness) out of your teeth. Whether it’s tobacco, coffee, red win or just the effects of time, our professional teeth whitening system will remove all signs of staining while relaxing in a private room. Visit http://www.WhiteningBrightStudio.com to learn more about our teeth whitening services.

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Your credit card will be charged $50.00 if you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 12 hours of your scheduled time, as this is an inconvenience to other clients. Please note Ritzy Blue is an appointment only spa, our scheduling policy is enforced to allow quality and timely service(s) for all of our clients. Please arrive on time for your scheduled service to avoid rescheduling or a $15 late charge after 15 min.